London travel infographic

For international students in london with a limited budget who want to know what they can do and where they can go.

London Travel infographic

Concept illustrations

A monthly illustration series that I work on in my spare time. I try and combine new and old techniques for each piece. Inspiration comes from anywhere and I feel that each piece has its own unique story. Stay tuned for more.

Enchanted Door Uncertain Path Silent Freeze Night healer Innocent chaos tranquil illustration

Orange Genie

Orange Genie Group is an umbrella company specialising in recruitment for freelancers and contractors. I was given the opportunity to give them a complete rebrand. This varied from their logos to all marketing materials including: business cards, fact sheet documents, banners, leaflets right through to stationery.

Delicious World Delicious World

Hotcourses awards site

A microsite designed to help out young apprentices receive recognition in their chosen field.

Hot courses awards home

Country landing page

Landing pages designed for There are 10 different pages each with different interactive maps and information.

6student landing page

Email newsletters

Custom email newsletter templates. Each has different header illustrations and content depending on the country and subject.

Hotcourses Abroad email newsletters

Nyumbani newsletter

A 4 page annual newsletter to inform employees and press of the latest news regarding the ongoing child school projects in Kenya.

nyumbani newsletter

Hotcourses Abroad advert

A single page advert created for a magazine to be distributed at a study abroad expo to promote the website.

HCA ad printed

Marketing Print materials

Exhibition banners created to promote the international websites and company services. A set of flyers to hand out at school and corporate events.

Hotcourses exhibition print Hotcourses exhibition prints Hotcourses flyer Whatuni flyer

Postcard app illustrations

A series of interactive postcards for a Facebook app where the user is able to upload an image into the circle and share it with friends. The idea was to make them fun and appeal to students.

HCA postcards

Social media illustrations

Various illustrated headers for the website Facebook page. A new one is created depending on the season. It is then translated in over 6 different languages to be put on country specific Facebook pages.

Hotcourses abroad flying student Hotcourses abroad facebook Hotcourses abroad facebook christmas


As an avid movie fan I wanted to create an illustration that demonstrated my love for Ironman in the movies. The idea here was to show the decay and destruction that occurred in the film and the sudden rise of everyone’s favourite satirical hero once again. The biggest challenge on this project was experimenting with water as it was something that I hadn’t done before.

Ironman poster

Hotcourses competition advert

A document sent to clients to promote a competition for the best campus photo at worldwide universities. In order to promote creative submissions I was told to not use stock imagery or misleading images.

Hotcourses abroad contest Hotcourses abroad contest

Broadband Infographic

A seasonal infographic that was created to raise awareness of online fraud. All illustrations were first created in illustrator and then placed into photoshop to create the atmosphere and final composition.

Broadband infographic

Breaking Bad illustration

A tribute to my favourite television show. The idea behind this piece was to demonstrate the guilt and mood in the main characters faces.

Breaking bad illustration walt close up


A logo for a web design company based in India. They wanted to incorporate the bee into the branding as it was one of their core values.


Homely Hina's

A logo and business card for a baker that sells goods from home. The idea behind this was to make the brand friendly and appear delicious.

Homely Hina's logo Homely Hina's business card

Plumber branding

A logo and business card for a freelance plumber/electrician. He wanted the brand to be fun and illustrative.

Plumber logo Plumber business card


A logo for the Spanish broadband comparison site The brief was to make the logo warm and friendly.

comparaiso logo


A logo for the German broadband comparison site . The word schlaubi means bright and clever. They wanted a character to represent their brand.

Schlaubi logo